Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ready to Take Flight?

It's Tuesday and for some reason, I'm stubbornly refusing to accept that I'm leaving Friday and have yet to pack a single item.  Instead, I'm washing everything I own, cleaning the bathrooms, refolding clean clothes and of course, wasting time on Facebook.  I honestly believe I have absolutely nothing to wear and therefore, nothing to pack!  My goal is to pack less than 40 pounds of luggage so that I can travel through budget airlines quickly.

While I'm reluctant to leave many new and fun friends, Philanthro Productions and the amazing Summer to come, I know that I am looking forward to seeing many old faces from Bigfoot.  Here is my itinerary so far:

April 18-25:  Hong Kong
April 25-May 9:  Saigon, Vietnam
May 9-??:  Manila, Philippines

I plan to hit up Thailand (Bangkok and Phuket) and I'm hoping for big things in China.  Hello, World Expo!  If anyone is in the SE Asia area, holla atcha girl and I'll meet you half way.  =D

I'm hoping that this journey will be my therapy.  I need to heal my heart and soul with good food, friends, and a dash of adventure.

Ah yes, the beach is thatta wayy!

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