Where are you from?
I hail from a small town called Moorpark, California, where I grew up in for most of my life.  I also lived in San Diego while I was going to school at UC San Diego.

How did* you afford to travel so much?
I worked!  I had saved up money with some other savings when I decided to do my Asia trip.  I also had some kind friends in various countries who let me couch surf for various periods of time.  I buy air tickets on off-days as early as possible on budget airlines and subscribe to a painful number of travel-related sites to scope out the best deals.
*Update 2014: I don't travel as much as I used to!

What do you do now?
I'm a consultant for a recruitment agency in Tokyo, Japan.  I mainly recruit in the consumer industries like luxury, fashion, cosmetics, etc.

I'm making an exciting career switch and currently studying web development!

Where have you liked living the best and why?
Ohh that's a toughie!  Of course I love Southern California...the year-round sun and nearby beaches, mountains and Vegas trips spoil us.  However, just to quickly mention the places I've lived so far:

Singapore was pretty great, especially for "entry-level" Asia.  If you want to do a lot of international travel in Asia, Singapore is a great place to be: nightlife, safety (important as a female!), food and proximity are all pretty legit.

Japan is a beautiful country to explore, though I struggled not being able to speak the language. If you can communicate enough to travel, or better yet drive, it's an incredible experience. Also, the food is BOMB!

Where should I go if I want to go on vacation?
Another loaded question!  I should have several posts covering where I've been but I'm still working on it...

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