Wednesday, April 21, 2010

iPod Blogging Glitch

If you can't tell by my poor typing skills, the excessively large photos and short posts, I've been updating my blog mostly from my iPod through an app. So far, I have a few bones to pick with the app BlogWriter:

1. Can't post more than one photo.
2. Sometimes it doesn't even post the photo! What gives?? I already had to take down 6 posts because it doesn't make sense without the photo.
3. When it doesn't post a photo, you can't go back and edit the post with an attached photo. You have to do it on the first shot.
4. Doesn't support more than one blog. Doesn't affect me, but I know if I kept up my Xanga that would be an issue.


  1. get a posterous account. simple blogging by email and you can post links, multiple photos, videos, mp3's and you can even import your old blogger account into it, with all your old posts.

  2. whaaat! there's gotta be an effective blogger app for ipod touch/iphone by now. have you tried looking at other apps?

  3. How is the iPod Touch? I always wanted one.