Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Anniversary

I'm posting a bit late but things have been pretty full-on these past couple weeks.

August 23 was pretty significant because it was technically my one year anniversary since moving to Tokyo. Another move, another country, definitely another adventure that still continues in more ways than one.

I think the most significant aspect for me is that in uprooting my life and moving again, I finally feel the need to settle in and grow some roots (or maybe just revisit them).

I wanted to have some personal space; that I could place framed photos in and display artwork I bought in my travels. I wanted to be able to "invest" in a decent wardrobe where I didn't have to think in the back of my mind, "I'm gonna have to toss it, no room in the suitcase." I wanted to nest and build a small home and I have.

August 23rd was also my 2-Year Anniversary with the Boy.


We started celebrating bits and pieces a week before with dinner and he added the extra touch of delivering surprise flowers to work. In addition to all the successes with work, it was the cherry on top and completely made my month.

I've been floating on a cloud but putting on my heels while at it. Why? Because my best friend has been in town and it's been too much fun. Another update of our adventures to come!