Saturday, November 24, 2012

Faux Pas

I recently participated in my first public sports event, the FIT Run, which is a bit misleading because I did the 2.5 walk.  Anyways, it's the thought that counts, so I pulled on my workout gear and did the walk with my colleagues (office bonding). 
I had plans to go to Omotesando to find a Franc Franc to buy holiday decor for the home (I'm in a nesting mood lately).  Both male and female colleagues look me and my outfit up and down and say, "You're not changing?  You're just going like that?"  Like it was the most ridiculous thing in the world.  

It gave us a good laugh and reminded everyone that even though I look the Japanese part, I'm not from Tokyo.  And yes, I went in looking like an active athlete and bought some pretty gold candles that are way over priced.  At least, after living in Tokyo, everything everywhere else seems so much cheaper.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Settling in

Things have been fast, fun and, overall, very good lately. Things I've been wanting to blog about but haven't had time to actually string together as a decent post:

- Happy and fun trip with my mom and sister visiting.
- Bursting into tears when they left
- Getting my bonus (yay)
- Spending/celebrating my bonus
- cold weather and changing leaves
- holiday decoration shopping and how online shopping blows in Japan
- how I can't see what I'm typing anymore bc this Blogger app sucks.
- Preparing for my first 5k run (don't laugh people, I'm a novice!)
- Planning for our trip to London for Christmas
- our holiday to Kyoto and surrounding region
- Hosting our first Thanksgiving dinner this weekend

Overall, I'm so happy and excited when I wake up in the morning. Maybe it's because it's the holiday season, maybe it's because of my mom and sisters trip, or maybe it's because I'm finally starting to feel settled into my life but I'm really happy and content with things.

Is that sugary sweet enough for ya?