Thursday, April 22, 2010

Halfway Point

Holy eff, I'm getting some signal this morning!

Today I'm venturing out on my own again. This time I'll be attempting to take the ferry and go up to The Peak with my SLR camera. Three cheers for being a tourist! I'm not going to lie, I'm falling in love with the city and I wouldn't mind living and working here.

Yesterday consisted of a lot of eating and shopping...I won't tell you the damages but I will say that I ordered 4 pairs of custom heels. I really needed my mom or Kristy to guide me through the designs because too many options make me overwhelmed if I don't have a plan in place. In the end, I got mainly the basics:

1 pair of soft black leather heels (4")
1 pair of soft beige leather heels (4")
1 pair of black patent heels (4")
1 pair of soft pink leather heels (3")

I know they sound boring, but it's impossible for me to find heels that are comfortable for my narrow feet back home. So I justify these shoes with the classic argument: "They're an investment!"

I'm also eating my way to my stomach's demise. It started out with lovely items like Hainan Chicken and Doufu Fa (a tofu dessert), to being more adventurous with street food like grilled chicken wings and "lo lo lo" (which are cold noodles mixed with sauces and items like jellyfish, squid, cucumbers, etc), to just downright brash with grilled pig intestines. I am very much regretting the last bowl of noodles I had last night which, while delicious, consisted of pork stomach, pork skin, fish balls, and pork's blood. Again, tastey, but too rich or something awful for my body because it's wreaking havoc.

Ok, I will update with more photos when I get down to the city. For those who are unaware, I have to hover by a 7-11 or some place that has my wireless server in order to post blogs or email. Creeper status to the max. Or maybe just jailbait for legit creepers. Mom, I'm kidding. Seriously.

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    & start posting videos!!! please be the next anthony bourain.. i must live vicariously through you!!