Saturday, April 03, 2010

Busy Busy Beezy

This will be a bit of a longer post as I've pushed off my updating for a long while.

First off:  I quit my retail management job.  I wonder if it's acceptable to announce this via blog, but I really don't see the harm in it.  Retail management, to be pc, is tough and not for everyone.  In my own voice, it blows.  So that's that.

Second:  I just had my birthday!  I spent it in Arizona with my dad and uncle where we hung out on the Colorado River, watched a movie, ate buffet and admired the unappreciated desert scenery.

My dad and I with a baby burro.  They were so cute, some of the babies had these stickers on their heads to tell tourists not to feed them.  I doubt it kept them away from these cuties.

Taken while we were riding through the desert with a gorgeous sunset.  I'd really love to spend a couple nights at Death Valley; I heard they have beautiful sunrises and sunset.  

Here's to another year wiser...I hope.

I really thought that I was unhappy because I was in a dead-end job and had no opportunities being there.  While this is still true, I realize now that my jumping to Asia isn't what makes me happy, it's seeing my friends and having a social life.  Which is exactly what I've been able to do since the moment I left the mall.  I was a bit awkward feeling in reintegrating, but it's quickly snowballed into a series of unforgettable moments.

My weekend in San Diego is definitely one of those epic weekends that life should be made of.  I feel so lucky to have the friends I have in my life, truly.

Jean took me to my first Cirque du Soliel show, Kooza, which was touring in San Diego.  I felt so special, thanks to her!  The show was amazing and I was in awe.  I even snuck a photo, rebel!

For those who know about Sushi Deli in San Diego, it's food is almost as notable as the wait time.  We discovered a shortcut:  instead of waiting for almost 2 hours for a table, order to-go and sit in the back tables outside, which are hidden in the back.  Most people don't know about it!  This is only for the Mira Mesa location.

Anyone who knows me should know that I am a girl's girl.  I like my guy friends, but I LOVE my girl friends.  It's just not the same and everyone knows it.  We went downtown with the intention of bar hopping but just never ended up moving from Altitude.  

More of my lovely ladies.  

We went downtown again only to be SHOCKED and how packed it was.  Cars jamming the streets, parking lots FULL, and venues that are usually begging for patrons filled with people.  My best guess was that it was Spring Break, but it was mostly an older crowd, not so much college.  How curious.  We had grand intentions of checking out a new venue called Fluxx, but it was so ridiculously crowded that we were lucky to get in anywhere at all.

The only way we reason we were able to get into a venue at all was having to park on 2nd and J, run 7 blocks to Stingaree and give many thanks to a high school friend who just happened to be there with a party of 30 or something ridiculous.  But it was fun to see familiar faces and things were even more hilarious the morning after.

Speaking of hilarious, I saw the most amazing pair of pants ever:

Yes, you are seeing a pair of tiger pants.  O_o  I wish I had a pair of these!

Speaking of what I wish I had, here are my birthday gifts to myself:

My first pair of MK heels.  They are ridiculously high and yes, I did hurt myself once already, but they really are comfortable for how high they are!

Aaaand...dun dun new Canon Rebel T2i SLR camera!  I've been wanting an SLR for 6 years now and I finally splurged and got one.  It's beautiful and everything I want (and so much more).  Now...I need a lens.  I will get there, one step at a time!

Okay, back on track...

For lunch we went to Ocean Beach and had San Diego's signature tacos with beers and shucked oysters.  I told you I was getting the hang of them!  These were by far the best oysters I've had.  Maybe it was the company, or maybe it was because it was fresh in San Diego, but they were awesome.

The gluttonous crew.

I've never really been down to OB and I don't know why.  Maybe it's because PB is closer and similar, but I regret not exploring San Diego more when I had the easy access.  So silly, isn't it?

Now that I've covered SoCal, let's move onto NorCal...the land of fabled beauty but all I really found was cold and rain.  -_-

I went up mainly for my sister's 21st birthday.  I feel like I just turned 21!  And yet here I am three years later.  

I am seriously contemplating moving up here for more career options, but it's just so cold, I can't hang with the weather.  Does that make me a big baby?  Probs.   In fact, I'm very serious about finding my career path.  Not being where I want to be is really starting to piss me off.  How is that for motivation.

Anyways, there is so much to do before I leave for Asia but just not enough time.  I am definitely getting more nervous and anxious and I don't know what to expect.

For my own reference (for maybe a few others) here is a stream of thought:  american flag shirts, high heels, parking brake test, high school crushes, grandma sweater, perfect weather, beach, dog beach, kooza, spooning, garcia fail, confusion, tacos, oysters, bbq, terminator and arnold, house show, new dress, tiger pants, harry potter room, living in a closet, riding in the rain on bikes that break (omg so fail), garlic noodles, crab next time, jupiters for jeanine's cider, brazilian food, and more that I can't even think of that make up a wonderful wonderful weekend of memories and friends.

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