Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It's crunch time!  I leave in 5 days to Asia and I finally made it back to home base.  I think I definitely follow the laws of inertia with how things in motion tend to stay in motion and when still, stay still.  For the past three weeks I've been go-go-GO! and now I just want to relax and hide out at home.  
Since my last update, I've been doing even more traveling up, down and beyond the West Coast.  Hawaii then San Diego again for birthdays.  I justify these trips in that:  I need them.  When going through emotional turmoil, I tend to spoil myself as therapy; I need good friends and good zen.  And maybe a drink or two with a BBQ in between.  

Also, I'm starting to look for jobs in Hawaii's so beautiful!  I can relate it to Singapore, but it's still closer to home.  And comon', my signature image in the hibiscus...coincidence?  I think not!  They  have perfect weather, lots of water sports, coconuts and a mean grilled squid plate.  Mmm, it was delicious, thanks for the recommendation, Mom!

We also went to this Japanese sushi restaurant where they practice this "Chef's Choice" concept...basically, the chef decides what to make for the day and they just send it out to you!  Every item (except the Mackeral...which, comon' is just too oily for anyone) was amazingly delicious!

I think one of the best moments of my life was being able to snorkel with dolphins.  Yes.  Snorkeling.  With.  Dolphins.  AND Sea Turtles!  It was incredible!  I wish I were a mermaid.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to go scuba.  Argh.

Upon landing on the Mainland again, I hurried down to San Diego for one of my best friend's birthdays as a surprise.  As per tradition:  Thursday = PB, Friday = DT.

The photo below is the decor to The Noble Experiment, which was a Speak-Easy bar in downtown San Diego.  It was hidden in the back of a restaurant where the door was disguised as a wall of kegs!  You had to text message them for reservations as there was only a max capacity of 35 people.  They made some yummy drinks.  My favorite for the night was a Mint Gimlet.  Trust me, you'd like it, too.

So now I need to unpack, do laundry, and repack again.  And I have to pack light.  Is that possible for a girl?

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