Thursday, April 29, 2010

Finally, Phuket

Ever since I studied abroad I've been wanting to go to Phuket (everyone and their mom went...except me.  I went to Tioman, Malaysia instead which was also extremely beautiful).  Irvin and his team happened to be going this weekend and so I had to jump on an immediate flight over when I landed in Vietnam.  I only got to stay a day and a half, but I was able to capture a few beautiful photos.  I think the one above is my best one.

If you go to Phuket, definitely eat seafood.  I swear to god if you eat Italian while you're in Phuket, you will be eating alone.

A few people have been asking me which was "better": Phuket vs. Boracay.  

Naturally, I was comparing Phuket to the other tropical places I've been to (Hawaii, Boracay, Tioman) since I've always had Phuket on this imaginary pedestal.  I've come to the conclusion that Phuket is extremely beautiful, but extremely touristy and a bit cumbersome to have to hire a boat to go to the various locations like above.  If you want a beautiful, picturesque beach with easy access to food and nightlife, Boracay is the way to go.  It probably has the clearest waters I've ever seen in my life but is very tourist-catered as well.  However, during low season it is very relaxing and the beach is quite long.  Phuket, while not as "crystal", definitely has a beautiful color to it, as well as prettier landscape with the jutting rocks.  Phuket has a bit more break to its beaches whereas Boracay is EXTREMELY calm.  It's really up to your preference but either way is a winning situation.

Travel Notes: 
We stayed at the Sugar Palm Karon Hotel and I was super happy with it.  They were reasonably priced and had great service.  The tour we booked picked us up from our hotel and there was plenty of food, massage and shopping around the area for the tourists.

It was super clean, modern and simple.  Just the way I like it.  It also had this cool thing where the bathroom was transparent...I guess it's made for couples.  So if you're in a group of friends, umm, might have to rethink this hotel.

I got to take a bubble bath like The Little Mermaid!  My favorite scene where she's blowing bubbles everywhere!

And then Irvin ruined it.

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  1. Great blog babe! Super like. Inspired me to restart mine. And I love that you love Boracay! :)