Thursday, April 22, 2010

Of course, I wore sandels today

Even though I'm in Hong Kong, I'm still loyal to my roots as a Californian; I don't do rain. I was all set to go on my tourist excursion today with my backpack, map and giant camera...only to be foiled by the pouring rain. Every time I wear sandels it rains. Meaning, combined with the streets of HK, I'm pretty sure I'm going to catch a parasite on my foot. Good times.

So instead, I lingered around the MTR station and Starbucks for internet. Don't judge! I know you're all thinking I should be out there exploring but I have been for the past several days now! Instead, I'm hanging out in a friend's office space while borrowing his computer. I'm going to meet up with Dwight soon, though, so that will force me to leave this comfy chair I'm relaxing in.

I've also like to mention how I've given up on wearing makeup. I tried to come prepared with some powder to fend off the shine, but its just futile in this humidity. With all the Bonjour and Sasa stores around here (they are popular cosmetic stores that are, literally, on almost every block) you would think that the women would be wearing makeup to some degree. However, for the most part, most women don't bother. And I can see why.

Also, reading back on my typos and subject-verb (dis)agreements is driving me nuts. The iPod tries to "correct" my spellings but then doesn't correct it when I need it to. Oh well, this blog just makes my IQ look even lower.

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