Saturday, March 06, 2010

Love Gives Me Hope

I seem to have this notion that long-distance relationships are inherently romantic.  It's like the soul's recognition of the one missing.  The fact that it takes extra effort in communication, energy and effort to maintain that unrelenting trust in each other and with the security of knowing that someone thinks you are the most amazing person they have ever known.  So much that they have chosen you to be the one they keep close in heart and mind.  Because if someone loved you that much, they would make time for you, despite hardships.  Love has persevered through war, battlefields, through fragile paper letters and unreliable transportation.  Nowadays, there is the internet, email, instant message, phone calls, and even snail mail if you want the extra postage.  And yet it seems that where there is so much more accessibility to express that love, it is becoming a dying concept.

Which is why I love this webite:  Love Gives Me Hope.  If you want to be moved to tears and be filled with optimism, this site is for you.  I guess it either gives me hope or makes me feel hopeless.  

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