Saturday, March 06, 2010

Clean and Clever

I am a big fan of Esty and I love browsing people's shops just to see all sorts of creative output.  One seller that actually convinced me to buy some of her items is Soapopotamus.  She creates these amazing hand-made soaps into clever little items!  Here are the ones I bought:

A sugary cupcake with a bit of strawberry on top!  It smelled exactly like frosting, too! 

Toast and Jam.  Isn't this so cute?  It looks exactly like jam is spread all over toast.  I couldn't really tell the smell of this one but supposedly it smells toasty.

Rice Crispies!  I loved the idea how this one came in 4 pieces...they're great as "guest soaps" which are small and convenient. 

Last but not least: a Fried Egg!  This one was my favorite of the bunch just because it was so realistic!  It smelled like pepper, too!

If you also like Etsy, you can check out my own Etsy and also this hilarious site: Regretsy.

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