Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Default Drinks and Kryptonite

Does the title make sense?  Doesn't it seem like everyone has their default drink whenever they go out?  Whenever someone asks you, "Hey, wadaya want??"  You have 2 seconds to answer or you're not getting a drink from the bar.

I always tend to blurt out,

"Jager Bomb!"


"Vodka Tonic."

OR, if it's further progressed into the night,


These are my default drinks.

On the flip side, there is my Kryptonite of the bar:

Jack Daniels.

Ugh.  Just saying his name makes me sick.  The man is not my friend.  I've had a serious experience of food aversion with that one!  Just one shot in college and it's a lesson well-learned.  I remember that it burned my insides out and left me gasping for air.  And I'm definitely not one of those graceful, cute shot-takers; I make this thizz face that even NorCal would be turned off by.  

Anyways, don't get me wrong, I'm not an avid drinker and I'm definitely not a fan, but it was just something I noticed.  Does everyone have a default drink?  Kryptonite?

In addition, I was browsing through my YouTube subscriptions and saw that WongFu Productions released another short clip.  If you don't know WongFu, they're a trio of UCSD alumni who are independent film makers and have created quite a dedicated following over the past few years.  Not to mention one of them hails from 6th College (what what) and might have been my Freshman crush.  *cough*  Anyways.  Moving on:

This video was talking about how Ke$ha's song about brushing your teeth with a bottle of Jack is completely ridonkulous and, obviously, I completely agree!  Though I have to admit, that song is so catchy and I'm definitely guilty of overplaying that song on a girls' night out.

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