Saturday, March 20, 2010


Just a recap of events that I need to remind myself to blog about later: 

Friday: 1040 Documentary Premier.
Saturday: Viva Event
Monday:  Already forgot.
Tuesday:  Saw Wayne Brady with Bobby in the Valley!
Wednesday:  St. Patrick's Day with Melissa.
Thursday:  Malibu with the P* Girls.  Saw Nicolette Sheradon (spelling??) from Desperate Housewives.  Palamino's in Westwood = new favorite. 
Friday: Vaccine update.  =(  I don't like needles.  Girls Night tonight.
Saturday: Craft Fair with Mom and Amah.  Early birthday dinner with the sister and fam.
Sunday: Craft Fair again?  Leaving for Arizona with Dad until Wednesday.
Thursday: San Diego

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