Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Break Time

So today I decided to cut the bullsh*t. I brought my laptop to work so I could relax on my break. That would be pretty sad except that the other option would be to do so in the Apple store. I thought I'd have a little dignity and bring my own hardware.  Classy, right?

Tuesdays are pretty much the best day ever at the know why?  Because Hotdog on a Stick sells their hotdogs for $1!  Yeah, that's right.  Be jealous.  Honestly, I should have blogged about my life in retail because it's full of mundane surprises and incredible stories of how irrelevant details are suddenly the most important aspect of your job.  

But hey!  I put in my two weeks notice and my last day is officially March 10th.  That leaves me with a little more than five weeks left in the States before I leave for Asia.  

Yes, I said it, Asia.  After giving it a year to find something meaningful in California, I've decided that I'm not getting any younger (let's not even talk about it) and I need to go out and do something that excites me.  Cliche and idealistic-sounding, but true.  When $1 hotdogs become the highlight of your week and stickering T-shirts become a priority at work, it's time for a change.  At least in my book it is.  

So here's to an ending of another career option and the beginning to a new adventure.

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