Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Railay Beach, Thailand

I just spent the weekend on Railay Beach, Thailand, which is very near Krabi.  It was my first time there and despite the clouds and rain, it was a nice escape from the daily routine!  

Getting there is a bit of an ordeal.  I flew from Singapore to Krabi, got driven about 40 minutes to the port, then another 20-25 minutes of transport via longboat.  It was a spashy ride!

There are two parts to Railay: East vs. West and the better side is (of course) the West Siiiiide!  Actually, they are very near each other, like a 5-10 minute walk, but West Side definitely has the prettier beach and scenic shots.

This is the West Side.  It's incredible, isn't it?  The cliffs look like they're out of a movie...I really wanted to go rock climbing but my knee was just out of commission still.  I was really bummed about that.  I also wanted to go kayaking through the mangroves, but the cloudy weather prevented me from taking that on.  The water was really choppy and the current was quite strong so I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have made it very far even if I tried my best!

Isn't this cute?  Someone made this and sadly, someone kicked its head off the day after.  =(

This was at a cool shack called Skunk Bar.  I'm pretty sure you can guess why, but it was nice and low key on the East Side.  I had White Russians! They were super tasty and I think I might have found my new default drink.  

I stayed at Railay Villiage Resort on the West Side, which was super nice.  

Some room service and a view from the was super lush and private.  The ponds around each room were pretty with their Laker-colored lilies but was inevitably a breeding ground for mosquitos.  O_o  

Railay in the evening...of course, the trip would not be complete without trying some food!

I think pretty much anything with Basil is an automatic win for me.

Unfortunately, we didn't get much sun until the last day but we had a couple hours of beautiful, beautiful sun!

When we left it was storming!  It still made for some interesting photography, though.

Anyways, it was an awesome weekend and I can't wait to go back another time.  =)

I think this is one of the main reasons why I am so keen in living out here; travel to places like these is actually possible for just the weekend!  So friends, consider moving out here!  We can be roomies!  =D


  1. Nice photos. It looks like a sweet place. What brings you out to Asia?

  2. Hey Greg! I started out just having the travel bug but decided I wanted to job hunt in Singapore...I'm giving myself until October!

  3. Hi! Nice. How you finding SG? Oh hi I'm Greg ha.

  4. Krabi is an amazing place, beautiful beach & clear water! If anyone looking for a romantic scape...this is the place!