Monday, September 20, 2010

Life by Weekends

Like everyone else, I feel like I've been living life by the weekends.  As I've been living in Singapore (for the most part) for over 3 months, I've been getting into a routine while still discovering new things. 

Friday was fun because we got to go up to the top of the new Sands Hotel and check out the new (and only) bar/lounge up there, Ku De Ta.  Apparently there is a Ku De Ta in Bali, Indonesia that is just absolutely stunning, so we got to check out this new one that had its soft opening this past week.

View of the infinity pool and Ku De Ta.

Interior of Ku De Ta.

View of the pool and city from Ku De Ta.

It was slightly drizzly, hence the clouds and interesting lighting in the photos (and why no one is sitting on those comfy looking couches on the terrace).  It was really amazing to see the top without all the tourists and hotel guests in the pool.  It's the best view of the city, by far.

Continuing my taste for new things, I've concluded that I've seriously lived through life as the worst excuse for a Japanese person.  I've never had this dish, photographed below, which seemed to consist of various vegetables, fish eggs, mochi, etc.  You poured it onto the hot plate and mashed it up until it was cooked and soaked in with the juices.  It was really tasty along with some of the other dishes we had.  Pretty cool, it was owned by Japanese and obviously had great food.  I will get back to what this dish was called as well as the restaurant.

Saturday was with a more familiar feel: China One.  It's a bar in Clarke Quay that has a bunch of pool tables, a dance floor and good music that makes it easy to just stay in the whole night.  It kind of reminds me of Busby's in LA where it has a bit of everything for everyone, has a good location and is just an overall good bet for the night.  

If you can't tell, I made the extra effort this weekend to lug around my SLR so that I can practice my photography.  Low light photography is something I want to master because it's usually my favorite setting.

Despite everyone's doubts, I woke up Sunday (today) DETERMINED to go kayaking.  I think I've been craving to go for over a month now and so me and Ky went out in search of this fabled activity at the MacRitchie Reservoir, which is this huge piece of beautiful jungle right in the middle of Singapore that I was never aware of!  We went kayaking and I did a short hike before my body started shutting down (4 hours of sleep, that's a little impressive, right?).  They have all these really cool (and intense) hiking trails that you can go on including the Treetop Hike, which is this huge suspended bridge that goes over the tops of all the trees.  It looks incredible!  Definitely on my to-do list before leaving Singapore.

Yes, monkeys!  In the middle of the city, there are monkeys!  They are really used to humans, naturally, so they just ignored me as I snapped away at them. 

So that's a recap of most of my weekend, which felt good-tired in the end.  I'll reiterate, again, how people claim that there is nothing to do in Singapore just aren't looking in the right places.  The country is changing so fast, there is always something new or different to check out.  I'm not saying that you're going to like all of it (I'm not a fan of intense hiking or jogging) but I think you can gain an appreciation for trying new things as well as the familiar (Hello, Ku De Ta and China One.).  

Overall, it's come to the point where I'll be pretty disappointed if I leave Singapore next month.  I'm emotionally attached and feel like I've put a lot in.  Returning to California is definitely not a depressing idea, I love the place (duh) and the people; I have everything to gain going back.  But I definitely feel like I've passed a point where I'll be broken hearted if I have to leave this place.  I never expected to find myself in this situation, but then again, who ever does?

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