Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Festive Weekend

Singapore is a host to a very diverse population that actually caters to mainly Chinese, Malays and Indians; they officially recognize three languages, three religions and therefore have...several public holidays!  

This past Friday was actually the start of Hari Raya, the end of Ramadan for Muslims.  I loved seeing all family together; apparently, the entire family will dress in the same color scheme together.  I had no idea this was popular and so I asked a vibrant family if I could take their photo.  As usual, I was a bit afraid they would think I was some crazy tourist, but they were actually super enthusiastic by gathering and posing their family, "No, no!  This is the second time we've been asked!"  They also said that since the first day fell on a Friday, they would also dress in different colors on Saturday and Sunday, "Maybe pink tomorrow and then green the day after."

I'm bummed that I didn't have my big camera around to take a better photo, but you get the idea...

I snuck this photo because I felt too embarrassed to ask yet another family.

It is/was also the Mid-Autumn Festival (AKA Moon Festival, Mooncake Festival, Lantern Festival), which is just such a whimsical holiday to me.  I always imagine the holiday how I read about it in a childhood story which was filled with sticky mooncakes, glittering dragonflies, amazing food and charming dance performances.  Instead, Clarke Quay set up all these brightly colored shapes and figures that make references to stories or figures.  One of my favorites was a display of the Monkey King along with the Monk, the Pig, etc.  They're made of soldered, wiry, metal frames and covered in some sort of opaque material that is very waterproof.  

They has these huge floats all along the river and the bridge (which was also swarmed over with a Taiwanese food festival!).  Again, I apologize for the terrible photos but I've been too lazy to lug around the SLR.  Also, I think my lens is acting a bit wonky...

Anyways, there is always something to do here...I often hear people complain that there is "nothing to do in's boring..."  Well, I say that you're not looking hard enough!  I think it's key to have a great group of friends, though.  That, I will admit.  We should always aim to maintain our child-like curiosity in experiencing life.  Otherwise, we'll just end up as old and boring as we fear.