Thursday, August 12, 2010

Singapore's Sands Hotel

When Alva and Crystal were here, I was super excited because it gave me a great reason to take them to the new Sands Hotel.  It's this surreal looking hotel that has this giant boat/surfboard sitting on top of three sleek buildings.  It looks photoshopped into the scenery, really.

(Photo not by me)

It was built by the same Sands in Las Vegas and is apparently the world's most expensive casino (another "World's Most/Greatest/etc." for Singapore to add to its list*).  

It's pretty cool, seriously, and it finally opened up to the public in the past few weeks.  It costs $20 to go up to the top, but for a one time thing, I guess it's worth it just to say I've here's what my $20 got me a view of:

The Esplanade are those two shiny, spikey looking mounds in the upper right.  We also call them "The Durians."

Overlooking the ships and sea...lots of construction always going on in Singapore.

The incredible view from the infinity pool (that is only allowed for guests).  The photo doesn't do it justice; it really is a sight to behold!

The walkway between the Skypark and the Pool Area.

Nighttime view.  I really wonder what they are building down there?!  That blossom-looking thing...

All the tourists...

The Singapore Flyer is that giant, massive ferris wheel on the left.  It takes probably an hour to make one full circle.  They advertise it as a sort of location to throw birthdays and proposals...that sort of thing.

Welcome to the family of Singapore Sights, Sands!

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