Thursday, August 26, 2010

California Girl

Yesterday was a good day...for some reason, it felt so Californian.  I was wired in for most of the morning and early afternoon, of course, but I finally pushed myself out to look for the local community pool I had heard about.  I found success in this awesome pool set up, seriously, I should take photos.  I swam a bit, laid out a bit, texted by the poolside...I felt so Californian.

I let myself airdry a bit before heading back to meet a friend and I felt a bit of that familiar dampness and smell of chlorine that is just a characteristic of summers in California.  Yup, I definitely felt Californian.

The weather was warm, of course, but towards the later afternoon, it had that temperature of a really warm summer's evening.  You know the kind; the kind that everyone lives for, where the day may be blazing but by evening it feels amazing.  Like the day hasn't ended because its warm enough to wear a bikini out and despite being at the beach all day, you're still hanging with your favorite friends, not yet sick of each other.  That amazing feeling that we're timeless and that summer is never going to end.  It was one of those feelings yesterday, and yes, that's what it feels like to be Californian in the summer.

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