Monday, August 09, 2010

Food Cravings

I’ve been having mad cravings for American food lately.  And Mexican food.  I suppose just food that is, what I consider, Californian.  Don’t get me wrong, the food in Singapore is still bomb, but sometimes you just want something like a delicious burger. 

In fact, I recently went through the effort of making my best attempt at a bacon-wrapped hotdog here in Singapore.  It was a pretty satisfactory considering it wasn’t a real hotdog (Singapore is very halal-friendly…meaning no pork products for the large Muslim population here).  I think the key was the grilled onions.  Grace did this thing where she added oil and sugar to them…they were delicious!  Topped with ketchup, mustard and even mayo, I was in heaven. 

Here are some other foods I’m craving lately:

In N Out burger with extra lettuce, tomato, a whole grilled onion and light sauce.  With french fries and a chocolate strawberry shake.
Steak.  Medium rare!  With garlic mashed potatoes and grilled onions.
Soft-shelled fish tacos with homemade salsa. 
Fajita Burrito from Coxihan’s.  So greasy you can’t even eat the last 20% of it since all the oil collects at the bottom.
Fresh oysters with lemon and red sauce.
Lamb riblets.
Bacon wrapped hot dogs. With grilled onions, ketchup, mayo, mustard, avocado salsa and a grilled pepper.
A decent salad!  Ranch dressing, hello?

Great.  Now I’m just sitting on my bed torturing myself with all these images of food.

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