Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gritty, yo

So while I was staying in Shanghai, I was crashing at my girlfriend's place near the center of town.  It was a really good location, actually, I think.  What was challenging, however, was getting from the ground floor to her actual room without tripping, falling or dying.  You had to go up these immensely steep, concrete stairs, then up some brick ones, then up wooden ones, through another family's house, then up another steep set of wooden stairs and creaked and announced your arrival.  

Yes, you read correctly, THROUGH another home.  You can see their kitchen in the hallway in the bottom left photo, which consisted of a few stoves.  It was kind of strange as I felt like I was always intruding, but they would barely glance at me as they busied themselves with their daily chores and equal attempts to ignore me.

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