Monday, February 27, 2012

Sugar and Spice

Friday was my first Payday, so obviously that meant that I had to go spend some of it right away.  I'm also going to claim that the conversion rate and all the zeros confuzzle me in my impulse buys.  

I've been on a mission to rebuild my entire life: wardrobe, shoes, accessories, makeup, skincare, in any and every order.  Today was a bit of everything and I feel happy and content with my purchases!

1.  Mac lipstick.  My first Mac purchase!  I've always been a bit scared off by Mac, but I went through all their lipsticks to hunt for a perky pink I could wear as an everyday pick-me-up.  Next: the perfect red, nude and light pink.

2.  Rings!  I don't normally buy accessories, especially rings, because I always lose them, but these are just so exquisitely adorable that I had to splurge.  It's a terrible photo but it's a perfect amount of bling for my tiny fingers. 

3.  Black lace stockings.  I recently bought a black garter because I just love the idea of dressing up and these would go perfectly with it.  In fact, I bought a whole load of tights and socks:

I used to try and incorporate them in my SoCal wardrobe, much to my college roommates' dismay.  Now I can!  Who knew there could be so many designs in socks?!

I used to avoid frilly things, the color pink and feminine things when I was younger, but I've really come to embrace my (sometimes extreme) femininity.  I love being a girl!

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