Friday, February 10, 2012

Drinking on the Job and Staying Warm

Well, not it really on the job if I haven't officially started?  I'm drinking English tea at the moment, bytheway...

...but I did just come back from having work drinks with my soon-to-be colleagues.  Apparently, it's the "British thing" to have work drinks at...2PM.  Is it?  English Boyfriend = useless.  Just kidding, I've learned lots from him...mostly about why everyone mocks Americans, that we're fat, have poor taste in style, and terrible footwear.

Anywho, very excited for my first weekend back in Tokyo, my first week of work and my first cup of tea.  I've been eating up a storm as well (on my second lunch and counting; I feel like a Hobbit) and I think that's due to my fast metabolism and the cold weather.  Brr!

This weekend, I'll be on the hunt for some gloves and a coat (of all things, I know).  The girls here are killer with their style and I have a sudden longing for a lovely wool coat with a fur collar.  I'm very particular about [faux] fur and I prefer fox, mink or rabbit...a sort of even, soft texture rather than the very long, scraggly-looking kind.

This one is just lovely...the huge price tag makes me want it even more.  It's sick.

And being female, of course I'm not satisfied with just one color, I "need" black, beige, navy and then something aqua or fuschia.  In that order.

P.S. Just realized that I forgot to take the price tag off my new sweater (pictured).  Nice one.  Apparently I'm worth $59.90 from Ann Taylor Loft (but it's now on sale for $12.88!). 

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