Monday, February 20, 2012

It Snows in Tokyo

Quite bizarre to live in a city that actually snows.  In the middle of the day.  Like it's normal or something!  Clearly, it's a novelty to me and I was pretty gleeful even though it was freezing (of course).  I've been pretty proud of myself in being able to handle it so far, though I have found the secret to staying warm: heat packs.

I stick one to my innermost layer every morning and incubate myself all day (lasts 12 hours!).  That stuff is pure magic.  They even have ones you can stick in your pocket, shoes, etc.  Amazing.  I've even worn tights out and managed with these babies.  It seems that as long as my upper body is sealed up with layers and a scarf, I'm pretty okay.  My next goal: survive a whole day in heels.

Hope I'm not jinxing it, but I'm also very happy with work!  Time flies by and I really lucked out with my coworkers.  It really makes such a difference when you actually enjoy the people you work with and the work you do.  Who would have thought, right?

I'm excited for my new life!

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