Thursday, July 18, 2013

My iPhone Apps and the Art of a "Selfie"

Not to rub it in or anything, but this is my view right now:

I'm laying between an infinity pool, a bar and the ocean. How perfect is that? Well, if it's any comfort my vacation will end soon and it'll be back to the daily grind.

Until then, I've been drinking lots of fruity cocktails, wine, and coconut water (real coconut water, not that packaged stuff).  And the fruit! I've been eating and hoarding and all the papaya, mangos and mangosteens I can gather...from the buffet table.

Anyways, I'm still amazed how there is wireless Internet anywhere you go in the resort, maybe because it's my first time doing a holiday resort-style. 

In my lounging, I started fiddling with all these photo apps that I never really got around to trying because there are just so many these days. 

I usually like to post photos using my SLR or non-iPhone camera because the quality is so much better, however my laptop died several moths back and so it's been difficult uploading and blogging. I've resorted to using my iPhone for some limited photos, and I've been pleasantly surprised with the quality of some photos. While it doesn't completely satisfy my twitch for quality, I guess the instant gratification of being able to post straight away has over-ridden my patience for a laptop at this time.

Anyways, I digress. What I was trying to comment about was the apps I've tested out. 

For the most part, I use Camera+ for all my iPhone photos. It is clearly better than the normal iPhone camera, though I'm not sure how or why if it's the same hardware. It also has some nice filters if you're into that, though I don't really like filtering so much on a photo unless it really didn't capture the essence of colors or it was too dark/bright, etc. 

Unless it's a photo of my face then I will filter it to the max. Just kidding, I filter to like 50%, whatever that means.

I'm pretty amazed with this app though, it's called Photo Wonder. Take a look at the original vs. edited:

Oh hai, just chillen'.

The photo is a bit dark, background is too bright, and my cheeks are huge. I swear the camera puts ten pounds on those babies every time. Each.

But after editing: Magically delicious!

My skin is flawless, my cheeks are skinnier, eyes are bigger and I've got fairy dust sparkling around me. Amazing! 

But seriously, the app was pretty sophisticated, especially with the face slimming effect and eye enlargement:

All without going near plastic surgery! Anyways, I was pretty impressed, but then I realized that I'd have to avoid seeing people in real life because it would just be constant awkwardness realizing that I look nothing like my photos. 

I'm trying to organize my app collection as newer and better ones always seem to be popping up. Just messengers alone, I had so many because everyone is on something different. I managed to cut it down to a few, though I actually only use about 4 of these apps anyways:

Anyone have any useful apps to recommend? The ones I mostly use are:

Camera +
Genius Scan

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