Sunday, July 14, 2013

Live from Koh Thao, Thailand - Part 1

By the wonders of technology, I'm writing this while drinking watermelon juice and overlooking a private bay on the island of Koh Tao, Thailand. I can officially say,"I'm on holiday!!!" (3 exclamation marks necessary)

The past week has been a blur; feeling like both the longest and the shortest week "ever," I've been hustlin' to do last minute errands and work hand-over before catching our midnight flight. 

Almost 16 hours later, we made it to our bungalow in Koh Tao:

First order of business? FOOD! I love Thai food and have yet to find a satisfactory restaurant in Tokyo so I immediately ordered a few of my favorite things for dinner:

1. Young fresh coconut
2. Tom kha soup
3. Green curry
4. Fried fish

All were everything I could have hoped for: delicious.

I've been reminded of why I miss SEA!  Now it's time for me to run off and find a dive center for tomorrow and more food to devour. Bye for now!

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