Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Live from Koh Tao, Thailand - Part 2

I've been testing out this new and improved Blogger app and it's been a mixed review so far. It's definitely improved with its photo posting abilities but it's also failed to automatically save a post I'd nearly finished. /annoyed

Anyways, we've been lucky with the weather forecasts so far but today is a day for lounging about our bungalow. It's much too grey to wander far from room service.
With an ocean view, there really isn't much reason to hike down to a beach. 

A couple days ago we chartered a long boat to take us around the island and snorkel in the local coves.  Even though I'm a weak swimmer, I love being in water, and the water was perfect.  It felt felt luscious and was the perfect temperature; not too warm (like you're swimming through sweat) and not too cold (where it distracts you from the under water world below). It felt like swimming through turquoise silk.

My hair is another matter, it's constantly a tangled mess and as luck would have it, I have no hair tie. Life in paradise is so hard sometimes.

This was the view from our lunch spot. It was clearly set up for tourists like us, but it was lovely all the same.

Yesterday, we went diving among the coral gardens. We had intent to go to another location today but unfortunately, "weather permitting" didn't work in our favor. 

So to close off this post, I'll leave a couple photos of a place, Whitening, where we had some food at after our dive. Ciao for now!

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