Friday, September 12, 2014

What do you mean you've "never heard dial-up"?

Checking out the lanterns in TST

My girlfriends challenged me to something called "30 before 30" which is a list of 30 goals I want to accomplish before I'm 30.  I was game to play until I deadline is only a year and a half away.



Don't get me wrong, I know I'm still young, but I've definitely started feeling older.  Not that it's a bad thing at all, but sort of bizarre-feeling.

I'm still compiling my goals, but before I get into my 30 Before 30 list, here are some moments or ways that I've been feeling the generation gap widen behind me and feeling more my age:

1.  I'm no longer the youngest person in the room.  

     I used to assume that everyone was my age or older, because usually when you're in a bar, you're within a demographic that is legal age of drinking.  What do you mean you're born in 1993??

Once I realize they're still on summer vacation, I get into the questions:

You never knew the struggle...
     Wait, so do you remember life before the internet? (Umm, no, not really.)
     Wait, so do you even know what the dial-up tone sounds like? (What is that? Oh wait, yeah I think I have, in a movie!) old were you when you got your first cell phone? (Like...10?)
     So, what are you doing in Hong Kong?  (I'm here for an internship!)

3.  My drink of choice (if I even drink): Wine.  

Preferably red wine.

I can still do an occasional shot, but the idea of shots makes me heave a little.
I still enjoy a game of beer pong though (if I can find it).

I can hold back my own hair, thanks

4.  I am super excited about home decor and nesting. Like, I swoon over things like:

The perfect kitchen setup with an island kitchen counter
A clean bathroom and a waterfall shower head
The perfect vase to add to our dining set
Efficient closet and storage space
Patio furniture
Actually, all of these, too.

Deciding which photos and artwork to display

5.  Everyone's married/having babies and I love talking about it.

What kind of dress? What are your colors? Do you have a Pintrest?
How do you feel? When are you due? Have you tried the yoga classes?

6.  My 10 year high school reunion is this year. 

I can't attend, but there's a Facebook group about it.

7.  Time seems to fly by faster. 

Before, I couldn't even plan out my life a week ahead of time. Now, if someone gives me 5 months notice for their wedding, I panic about whether I have enough time to "plan ahead."

8.  I don't understand "hip" language anymore (and on that note, I use the word "hip" in a very real context).  

     For example, I had to look up what "bae" meant.  I thought it was just a lazy way to say "babe" but what it actually means is "before anyone else."

9.  I get confused with technology I don't understand and can't be bothered to learn. 

I'll just wait until I have kids who can do it for me.

10.  Instead of cramming 10 people into a cheap hotel room, I'd rather pay "just a little bit more for something nice."

Seriously, it's worth it.

Anyone else ever have these moments? 

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