Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Changing Career Paths

So I resigned from my company a few weeks ago.

Well, I didn't actually start yet but I did notify them saying that I wouldn't be transferring as planned.

Man, it was a tough choice; the company has been good to me and I really loved working with my team, as well as some of my best clients and candidates.  I felt like I've made some amazing friends and connections while genuinely helping several people make important changes to their lives and careers. Not to mention I got to work with some of the most iconic fashion brands...something I've always wanted to do.

I just felt that, you know what, if I'm ever going to make the switch, I should have the courage to do it now

So I'm really excited to announce that I've been accepted to a web development immersive, which is basically a 3-month boot camp.

I'm sure you've heard about a lot of these if you're from California, but you're basically living and breathing coding for the entire three months (and totally loving it, from what I hear).

So far I've received mixed responses, usually one of these two:

Congrats! I can totally see you doing something like that! Being creative and designing web pages and stuff, etc.

- or -

Whoa, really?  I totally did not imagine you as a coder in front of a computer.

Both reactions I completely understand, though it's probably friends who knew me in high school who are more likely to have the first reaction (Xanga skins and Blogger templates, anyone?).

I've been tackling the pre-course work for the past couple weeks to prepare for what will be a very intense and all-consuming 12 weeks, and it's awesome to be so excited about something again that the hours fly by; kind of like when you're having a crazy, exciting day at work.

I'm sure it'll have its challenges and it might take me longer to soak in certain bits of information, but I'm looking forward to it.

I'll try to update about how the class is going and hopefully I'll have something to blog about (other than class).

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