Tuesday, September 09, 2014

4 years, 3 Countries and 4 Apartments

Happy Anniversary!
Me: Btw, happy belated anniversary
Boy: Happy anniversary!
Me: You forgot!
Boy: No, course I didn't
Me: Yess
Boy: I set a calendar reminder actually
Me: And you still forgot??
Boy: I didn't forget
Me: -_-
Boy: Just thought we were waiting til the weekend
Boy: Why didn't you say anything?
Me: Plus, it's the 25th today here
Boy: Our anni is 23rd
Boy: It's same day as ur birthday
Me: Oh
Me: Oops
Boy: That's how I remember
Boy: Now who looks stupid!
Boy: Fail
Boy: Don't even know the day
Boy: Sounds like something a boy would do

The above chat took place while I was in the States (and a day ahead) and is evidence that the Boy got one on me!

Anyways, the point is/was, it was our 4 year anniversary!  Last weekend we were finally able to celebrate (two weeks late).  

I planned for the daytime activity and decided to take him out on my favorite new activity: paddle boarding!

Unfortunately, we didn't snap any photos because we don't have a waterproof camera yet, but just imagine it...standing...on paddle boards...paddling...! 

No, but really, it was a beautiful day here in Hong Kong, with the sun shining and a few occasional clouds to reduce the glare.  The water was blue and calm and we could see the surrounding islands off Sai Kung.  Two hours later (and sunburn free, amazing), we were hoping to go snorkeling afterwards, but it wasn't nearby so we saved it for another day.

The Boy chose the restaurant in the evening and boy, did he choose well. He took us to The Mandarin Grille + Bar at the historical Mandarin Oriental.  The building is on prime real estate that was built ages ago so it does look a tad bit dated but the interior is much better, where it seems to take you back to a different time where dressing like Sunday was your everyday Tuesday...

And the food?


The food was seriously one of the best meals I've had in a long, long time. I didn't take photos of every dish because I didn't intend for this to be a restaurant review, but some of my favorites are below.

Complimentary h'or dourves
We had several complimentary h'or dourves, with the one above being the first.  It was this delicious concoction of foamy cream with truffles and mushrooms underneath, served in its own egg shell.  It was really lovely and perfect for whetting our appetite.

This was a surprising dish. 

It looks like two green olives being served on large silver spoons (with an olive tree nearby), but actually it is some sort of olive oil-filled "sack" made to imitate a real olive and filled with delicious flavor.  

It was a bit like popping a gentle balloon with an surprisingly refreshing yet delicate flavor inside. For what it was, it was executed perfectly. Despite being filled with oil, it felt really light.

Next are a series of photos showing the Boy's starter dish of "Bacon and Eggs", which is actually a duck egg:

Hot griddle with a duck egg and butter

Adding the pork

Spinach sauce

Finishing touches
Really good!
My starter dish was this very special, very fancy smoked salmon, caviar, bagel crisps, cucumbers and a fennel salad ("To freshen the palate," said the waiter).

It was really good, I've never really had caviar before, unless you count Japanese ikura.

Looks artistic
For our main dishes, the Boy got the roast beef, which was pretty decadent and delicious. 

For myself, I ordered the prime rib or steak of some sort.  It was awesome and came displayed in this "book":

It was so much food for us that we ended up packing over half of it home to have some awesome leftovers to look forward to.  I've already made us steak and eggs with a side of avocado for breakfast and it was even better, if possible.

It's moments like these that let me reflect back on how much has happened in the past 4 years. It sounds like a long time, but it definitely doesn't feel like it.  Pretty scary how quickly time is passing!

Anyways, I'm new to Hong Kong, but if you have the chance, I high recommend both the paddle boarding activity and especially eating at the Mandarin Bar + Grill.

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