Sunday, October 27, 2013

Last Minute Halloween Costume: POP Art

A few people asked about my POP ART Makeup from our (early) Halloween, so I thought I'd do a quick post since I'm a few time zones ahead.

*Excuse my photos, they were taken at the end of the night and are a bit smudged.

Time: Depends on how dedicated to the dot pattern you are. My whole look took 2 hours.

What you need:
Black liquid eyeliner (felt tip pen is easiest, then go over with a really liquid liner)
White, blue and maybe yellow face paint
Red lipstick
Q-Tips (or the back of a pencil)

Step 1: Do the outlines. Focus on the eyebrows, the false eyelids, lips, nose line, and outlines of your contours. Refer to the photos for the approximate shapes, especially regarding the nose and eyebrows.

Step 2: Color in your eyeshadow with blue paint (or really pigmented eyeshadow)

Step 3: Paint on your oh-so-sad tears. I mixed white and blue so it wouldn't look the same as my eyeshadow

Step 4: Dots!  I realized quickly that QTips were made for this.  If you don't have QTips, just use the back of an eyeliner pencil .

I wanted to do a diagonal partern and it's pretty tedious, so I would allot lots of patience for this.  Start from the top left side (if you're right handed) so that you don't have to go back the opposite way and risk smudging the work you've done with your hand.

Step 5: Color in your lips. Leave a couple spots open for the white "glistening" spots. I also shaded in the creases of my lips with black eye shadow for extra contour.

Step 6: Draw in your neck and collar bone lines with the optional comic book "POP!", etc.

Hair: I couldn't be bothered with an itchy wig, so I just curled it big. But here's a photo of me with two friends who did it with me (and opted for wigs). We also had contact lenses but you should put those in before doing your makeup...

And that's it!  Just try not to touch your face, which you will realize is suddenly itchy all the time.

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