Friday, November 29, 2013

Change in Seasons

Mt. Takao in the Autumn (That's me in the left reflection!)
The thing about living in a place with defined seasons is that it really feels like time is moving; time seems to pass by in a slideshow of colors and I always feel the need to...change.

I'm passing through Autumn which is arguably the best season in Japan (let's not even argue about Spring!). Crisp air, clear blue skies and a rainbow of warm, beautiful colors blend through the trees. It's finally cooling down from the scorching summer so I can actually go out and enjoy some outdoor activities.

The first time I visited Boston, it was during the fall and I was ob-SESSED with the colored leaves. A local told me that they call tourists like me "leaf-peepers," how funny is that?!

"Hi, my name is Kristen. And I...I am a leaf-peeper."

It's it so surreal with the falling, swirling leaves? I feel the desire to settle in and cuddle. Trust me, you do not want to walk with someone you are unattracted to in this area, you'll just end up falling in love with them because it's so ridiculously romantic and perfect. 

I also feel like I should be nesting and stocking up in food for the winter. Oh yes, Thanksgiving! That's today! 

Actual chickens I roasted, no joke.
I actually cooked with my family last night a sort of Thanksgiving dinner; as in, I roasted chicken (because chicken > turkey) in addition to some vegetable tossed together and some rice and potatoes. Seriously, this recipe is so ridiculously easy that not even I could mess it up!  I haven't made a roast chicken in over a year...partly because I feel a bit icky cleaning chicken but mostly because I haven't really worked out how to use my foreign oven. 

The best things associated with the coming winter is the prospect of comfort food.  Not just yummy, but all those sort of calorie-rich foods you try to avoid before and during the summer because you're trying to get fit for the beach. Now that it's getting colder, I just want to horde all the food I can!

I mean, look at these pork roasts the Boy made last weekend: 

I know, he cooks?! Yes, the Boy is actually an excellent chef and it was even more delicious than the photo looks. 

Anyways, my mother is in town for just a few more days, so I'll be spending the rest of the time cuddling up with her (and begging her to cook for me). 

On to our weekend adventures!

Ciao for now!

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