Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hakuba = Tokyo's Mountain High x 50

I haven't had much time to rest much less blog!  

This past weekend, I went on a weekend trip with my colleagues to Hakuba, which is about a 3-hour journey from Tokyo.  I'd liken it to LA's Mountain High in that it gets that same sort of city-kids-in-the-snow kind of traffic, but that the snow is much better, more mountains, more runs, etc.  

This is a photo I painsakingly took from my loaned mobile phone (a slidey phone).  It was from the window of my lodging I was staying at over the weekend.  It had just snowed the night before and was a gorgeous morning. 

Since this is supposed to be a fashion blog, I should mention the awesome trends in snowboarding.  I wish I took photos as examples, but that would have been creepy.  

Basically, the louder and more funky your outfit is, the more awesome you better be.  If you're a girl and you're wearing a cute outfit, you probably suck just the same.  But if you're a guy in hot pink pants and a matching face mask, you're probably pretty wicked on a board (that example is actually one of my coworkers).  

I actually saw a skier dressed in a Pedobear onesie = amazing skier.  

So what was I wearing?

I look pretty cool in that picture, huh?  Just kidding, I borrowed all my clothes from a friend and rented a board there.  I'm standing with my beginners group; we all took a lesson together.

After all these years of thinking I was goofy-footed and constantly falling down, it turns out I'm regular and that I can now carve a bit!

I felt like Zoolander before, "I can't turn left!"

Came back a bit sore (and with a cold) but I'm saying that I'm so much more fit now.  Walking down stairs is pretty painful though...feel the burn!

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  1. Hakuba is a premier area, more like Tahoe I'd say. If you didn't figure out the begging for tickets in the parking lot trick, it works pretty well in Japan because not many people do it.