Friday, March 02, 2012

Another Week Flies By

Before this week, I've barely had any time to myself because prior I was living with my family; when I came to Japan, we had a guest for 10 days; then it was a few days of me and the boy.  Then, the boy left for a week to go back home and now I've had 7 days to myself!  (There will be lots of exclamation points in this post.)

Here are a few high lights:

It snowed!  As a California Girl, I was just minding my own business, getting ready for work, and just when I was about to step outside I saw a White Christmas!  Well, obviously not Christmas but that's what it felt like. I ran around trying to take photos without slipping and giving myself frostbite (which I actually think happens within 5 minutes of cold contact). Unfortunately, my photos didn't turn out quite as magical as it felt but I was smiling all the way to work, feeling like I was in a snow globed fairy tale.

Progress at work!  I've been really happy with my progress at work this week and starting to really make headway.  Also, I got a Friends and Family Sale Invite for Gucci next week.  Perks, whatup!

Going out with colleagues and friends. And barely making it home in a taxi.  Waking up way too early the next work day and asking WHY, GOD, WHY AM I UP SO EARLY??

Surprise visit from SD.  I had a friend just randomly fly into Tokyo for a business trip.  SO nice to see a face from college!

Things to look forward to this weekend:

Eyelash extensions (it's happening!)
New makeup
Tidying up
Shopping (does it ever stop?  no.)

I hope next week is even better!

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