Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Eyelash Extensions

Can you tell?  I'm beautiful now!  

Just kidding, but I do feel like I've got an extra boost (especially for the mornings, yikes!)

I got eyelash extensions last week and so far I'm loving them.  They are much more maintenance with the whole being-careful-not-to-rub-too-hard-or-sleep-on-them and I feel a slight anxiety attack whenever I see one fall out (along with a sad little real one) but I'm hoping that they keep growing persistent, my little ones!

I got them quite natural-looking since it was my first time and I work in a client-facing role.  I didn't want to start scaring off people; the office is just too well lit to get away with ridiculous eyelashes.  The whole process was actually over an hour long; they tape your eye lids still and apply each lash.  You decide on what thickness, length and amount of curl you want for each section of your eyelash (they break it up into three sections: inner, middle, outer)

For my lashes, I did:
Inner: slightly thicker, slightly more curl, natural length.
Middle: slightly thicker, slightly more curl, natural length.
Outer: Slightly thicker, natural curl, longer length.

Overall, I wanted my outer lashes to be longer and my middle lashes to be more curled.

I actually got them because I wanted to be able to up my maintenance like all these other dedicated Tokyo girls, but it turns out that eyelash extensions have made me even lazier with makeup: I don't apply any eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara or curl my lashes anymore; I just rub on some foundation and fill in my eyebrows.  I consider this a win.

What's next?  I'm thinking I want to try some sort of hair removal gadget...epilator time?  Will report back if I do!

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  1. i just got my eyelashes permed! It was really weird to have someone working on my eyelids. I kept wanting to swat...

    An epilator? That sounds terrifying. May I warn you against electrolysis? It is the worst thing I've ever experienced, ever. If you're going to do that, just go for laser. (Though the lasers in Japan are much weaker than those in the states)