Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I saw this dog walking around one morning in Hiroo; isn't he bizarre??  His tongue looked way too long to fit into his mouth and his owner said that it's always sticking out. 

"What, what, what's happening?!?!"

Slightly glazed look in his eyes...

Like a cartoon character: extreme features but adorable still. A real character!

Anyways, work has been a sudden rush of stuff. It was as if everyone realized, omg, it's December!  I need to wrap this ish up!

It's been a good and productive few weeks before I head off on holiday tomorrow. I've been in such a flurry that I haven't had time to feel excited.  I keep thinking about work, cleaning the house, NYE plans, what to wear to the wedding (oh yes, we have a wedding to attend this week), etc.  

Also, where are all my winter clothes?  Someone please tell me where my favorite sweater is because otherwise, I will be very cold in London...


  1. Haha, that is too cute!! I hope that dog has its own instagram account.