Sunday, December 01, 2013

A Heart-y Breakfast

A heart-y breakfast
It's Sunday morning! ::stretch:: 
We were a bit woozy from all the wine we drank last night (as in, 2 glasses...we're lightweights), but we wanted to make a little something with our leftover prime rib. Don't you love when you have great leftovers and the right ingredients to make exactly what you want?  It's the small (and delicious) things in life.

Inspired by my dad who used to make this for us as kids, I just modified it to make a heart in the center instead of a circle (in which he used the top of a cup to cut out the centers). This is super cute and easy to make if you already have eggs and bread (even better if you have some bacon or...leftover prime rib).

Step 1: 

Cut out the centers of the bread. The only thing to think about is the size; do you want one egg or two eggs in there? Sometimes it's too big/small to show the shape perfectly in the end.

Step 2: 

Butter the pan and lay the bread down,"prettier" side down. If you have a side that is better cut, place that side down first and try to keep it as flat to the pan as possible.  This will "toast" your bread up first before putting in the egg.

Step 3: 

Crack your egg in!  You want the bottom part of the bread to be as flat to the pan as possible so that the egg doesn't leak under the sides so much. Sprinkle some salt and pepper if you please.

Step 4:

Carefully and quickly flip your toast over; make sure your spatula is under the entire egg to avoid any tears!

Step 5:
Cook for another minute or so on the other side and transfer to a plate. I was also toasting the cut-out hearts while this was cooking.

Step: 6 

Enjoy!  Just as easy and cuter than normal eggs and toast.  I also quickly heated up the prime rib in another pan for a few seconds to eat along with it, but you can do the same with sausage or bacon.

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