Thursday, August 16, 2012

Obon Week and Upcoming Events

Obon is the time of year that people in Japan return to their home towns and pay respects to their ancestors.  Combined with summer holidays and the level of humidity, it's been a pretty slow start to the week. 

On Monday, there was actually a small Obon matsuri (festival) that was held downstairs of our offices that I was pretty excited about.  I haven't been to any of the festivals or fireworks held this summer yet and I was really curious to see how it was like. Especially since my only exposure to such have been mainly Obon festivals back home in California. I wanted to see what the differences were since it seemed to be much more serious thing by business point of view.  Instead, it was more similar than I expected.  Photos captured only by iPhone and photo filters...getting lazy!

Firstly, there was a live cover band.  Pretty rock and roll!  There were a surprising amount of people with their adorable kids running around in yukatas and playing games that are, I guess, very common:

Catching goldfish with a paper net.  I remember doing this; it's super addicting, fun and frustrating!  I think I used to do them with floating ping pong balls though...maybe not as challenging as real swimming fish, now that I think of it...

Several stands of food (and beer). The grilled squid was my favorite to photograph...mmm!

Another game of trying to catch a water balloon yoyo.  I've forgotten how much fun they are!

There is apparently a huge fireworks show this weekend that's supposed to be one of the best in the Tokyo area and I think that I may stay in the city just to see it.  Also, one of my best friends is flying in Sunday night!  Words can't express how excited I am to see her and I'll be taking Monday off to get her familiarized with getting around.  She'll be staying for over 3 weeks, with another friend arriving a week later.  The boyfriend is going to be the luckiest and most unfortunate bloke on this block.

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