Sunday, February 15, 2015

We're Engaged!

The morning after Valentine's Day
The Boy and I have been engaged since Japan, around November 2013, but we didn't have a ring or a traditional and romantic proposal story to tell our friends when we broke the news. So I didn't really announce our engagement in any official way, just telling friends individually as we caught up through the months. 

Then we moved to Hong Kong last summer, I became immersed in my web development course, my sister came to visit, I was interviewing for new jobs...2014 passed way too fast!

 Neither of us are very good at planning or executing those plans to plan, but at the start of this year, we finally managed to set the date, venue, and photographer (go us!), and now the ring! A little out of order, but that's okay.

Kuma pawing with my hand
The ring is, of course, not the most important thing (I seriously considered not getting a ring), but it somehow gives an extra boost of excitement to the engagement, and more importantl, the Boy made it a special moment to remember.

I didn't want to be "that person" and post photos on Facebook, but since this is my blog, look at these nice photos he took!

Morning cuddles with Kuma

A quick bath for Boy

I personally don't mind when people announce their engagement on Facebook or post photos of their engagement ring, it's such exciting new! But it seems like it bothers quite a few others so I refrained (Instagram and especially blogs are free game though!).

However, I'm personally super happy when I see others post about such landmark events, babies included! Maybe it's because I live so far from most old friends but don't hesitate to send ME your happy updates. I am delighted to indulge in all your engagement/wedding/baby/promotion/update talk!  =)

Happy morning scratches for the kitten

Next goal: Engagement photos (hopefully)!

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