Thursday, July 10, 2014

First week in Hong Kong

10 days in Hong Kong and we've finally decided on our new home!


We've decided on Kowloon side!

Oh, hey now, don't be disappointed (I'm speaking to you, Future Guest). It's still extremely convenient and we'll have a guest room (and a pool!) waiting for you, so you'll have a nice comfy visit!

We have already been getting a lot of flak for choosing "the dark side"but no matter how we tried to justify it, living on Hong Kong side would have been a nightmare for both our daily commutes.  I'd much rather commute to Hong Kong every night than the other way around every morning. 

And actually, I really like Kowloon side. It's got a bit of extra edge and easier to start those activities I keep insisting I'll try (one day!!).

Here are some boring-ish photos I snapped with my aged iPhone 4S.  Actually, I just got my shiny new iPhone 5S today!  Don't even begin to tease me about how the iPhone 6 is coming out because I'm just so pleased with having access to Google Maps at the touch of a finger.

This crab made a good attempt at escaping the grocery store tank. How do they know they're female?

This was a personal nightmare: Hong Kong's version of a Hand Grenade.  You pull the Tequila shot, let the Jager bomb into the Redbull, and then chase it with a vodka beer concoction. Messy.

Look!  My summery nails! I rarely get my nails done but I always feel so special and lovely and do that floaty-hands thing whenever I get them done. Whee!

You know what's not graceful?  Me in the pool. 

So good, must learn how to make this dish!

Time to gym and eat!  Bye for now!

x Kris

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