Sunday, March 16, 2014

Season of Selfies

How awful am I, only my second post of the year and we're almost at the end of the first quarter!

I really did mean to write more...I have all these half-completed posts about my trips to Boracay,  London and Niseko, but I never know how to write a good story and experience like so many other bloggers do.   I kept pushing them off and before I knew it, it all snowballed (haha, get it?) into a season of work, snowboarding, and trying to stay warm.

Anyways, as I was going through my phone looking for interesting photos to accompany my posts, I noticed that I've collected a handful of selfies through this winter season:

Before I bleached my hair
Ah yes, this was just when Autumn was ending and I could still wear sleeveless shirts in the middle of the day.  My hair looks so long and healthy now that I look back.

Then I decided I needed some excitement in my life and that my outlet would be my hair.  Yes, OMBRE IT IS!  

A Saturday Night face mask...
I think this is when it started to get cold and I stopped caring about going out on Saturday nights.  I just don't do cold weather, I'm a summer type of gal.  I may have also had a glass of wine before I took this photo, hence the uneven glazing of the eyes (and the need to desaturate this photo...hmm).

Testing out a red lippy with my festive scarf
Winter is okay!  I feel festive with my reds and holiday cheer!

Still ombre and cheery for snowboard season
Hmm, Winter is getting pretty cold now, but at least I have snowboarding and onset to warm me up. Please notice my gold glitter eyeliner, btw thnx!!

Looking cross-eyed on the way up the lift
Look at my shiny new helmet this season!  Actually, I think I bought a size too small because my head is just so. big. And, I already broke a bit of it on the inside. 

Went hot pink while in Niseko!
After being half a blonde, I decided I needed to go hot pink while I was on my 11 day holiday to Niseko.  I should have taken more photos but unfortunately...I didn't.  This is actually the best photo I have of myself and trust me, it's more disappointing to me than it is to anyone else. 

Going corporate for the office
Actually, I kept the pink hair for like, 4 weeks, so I actually had to tie it up and hide it under a fake hair bun for the office.  I thought it would make my daily routine so much easier but actually, I had such a headache after having my hair up all day! 

Texting my best "grumpy cat" face
I eventually gave up and dyed it back to my normal color, though it feels absolutely fried at the ends. 

In other news, I have a giveaway to tell you about in an upcoming post!  It's pretty nifty, especially for those of you who love technology but adore the charm of staying in touch non-electronically.  I'll tell you all about it once I finish testing it out. 

Is it Sunday night already??  Ah, speak with you soon...I turn a year older next WEEK!  Eep!

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