Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Weekend Report

I decided that despite my weak attempts to avoid mundane posts, I do miss blogging on a meandering basis.  I feel like I have to justify blogging by making it a quality post, which is pressure I avoid by not blogging at all.  I don't blog to impress people (though I do want to avoid any sort of negative impressions) as much as I do to mainly have an outlet that is quick, easy, accessible, while proving to my family back home that I'm still alive.  So with that, I decided that I would try and condense my personal updates and reports into weekly posts so that its easier to skip if you're bored. =)

With that, I'm excited to update with the fact that I will officially be renting out my own room starting December 1st!  Until now, I've never had to sign any contracts or feel legally bound in any way, even in college.  I definitely felt a lot of doubt and apprehension as I feel it's such a big commitment, but at the same time felt that it was time I bit the bullet and finally did what so many others have already done by now:  start being a grown-up.  (ew)

Work has been good...I like teaching and it's flexible, though it's a bit tricky with scheduling; FYI, I don't know my day's work schedule until the evening before.  I know, it's weird, you may not understand, but I can't schedule or plan ahead really...oh, and I work on weekends.  =/  It's tricky to organize any of my social activities, but I'm still in it, so text me.  =)

I had a really frustrating week of Thanksgiving apprehension only to have all my (hopeful) Thanksgiving plans fall through (as I can't plan ahead due to work, remember?).  However, I was able to eat a great steak on Saturday with mashed potatoes and even ordered grilled onions.  YES.  It actually satiated my Thanksgiving meal craving.  That's all I really wanted!  A good steak, mashed potatoes and grilled onions.  It was funny because when I asked for grilled onions, they were puzzled but brought out a big dish of grilled onions.  And I ate them ALL!  Muahahahaaa...I felt a bit ill afterwards, actually, but can you blame me?  It was my first steak in over 7 months!

Anyways, I'm sleepy now, so I'll cease typing.  Good night!

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